PC Ultra Quiet Water Cooling Circulation Pump & Pump Tank MTB-300 12V


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MTB-300 12V DC Ultra-quiet Water Pump & Pump Tank For CPU Liquid Water Cooling
LED power indicator to indicate power-on state
Control circuit, the pump is more stable
Tap out the instructions marked
Big 4P+Small 3P power connector can be directly plugged into the headboard fan original position
Support speed testing function
With rubber shock absorber base, ultra-quiet experience.
Tips:It is good to use the pipe with 8MM inner diameter
Model: MTB-300
Thread size: G1/4 (2 points)
Flow: max300L / h
Head: max1.9 meters
Power Connector: Big 4P Connector+ Small 3P connector
Voltage: DC12V
Power: 5W
Water tank capacity: 150ml
Noise: 25DB
Line length: 60cm
Dimensions: Length 76mm * wide 56mm * height 80mm (net size, excluding out of faucets, shock absorber)
Package included:
1 x Ultra-quiet Water pump

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Dimensions 5.0 × 15.0 × 10.0 cm


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