PC Fan Controller Panel LCD Touch Screen To Adjust 6 Channels Water Cooling Fans a-100L(R)


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ALSEYE a-100L(R) Fan speed controller 6 Channels Liquid cooling
/ water cooling pump control Front panel LCD touch screen
a-100L series with no Wifi function 

a-100H series with Wifi function 


For 6 channels by 24 watts and for control of water cooling pump it is not expensive absolutely. 

It is the newest design currently in the world. 

You will like it!
1. Super-big single bay LCD touch screen;
2.  Six channels for temperature & fan speed control. Usually it controls 6  fans. But you may use 1 to 2 cable (for 2 fans, but only one fan with FG signal) or 1 to 3 cable (for 3 fans, but only one fan with FG signal). So it may also control 12 fans or 18 fans depending on your additional cable type;
3. 6×24 watt channels for  liquid /water cooling pump control; 
4. Integrated short circuit protection;
5. Be compatible with 3pin & 4pin fans.
  147*66*42.6 mm
  258.8 g
  LCD Screen, Metal, PCB
  Fan Connector
  3 pin/4 pin
  Included Accessories
  4 x M3 Screws
  Temperature Sensors
  6 x Temperature Sensors
  Control Modes
  Manual / Automatic
  Fan Channel Quantity
  Fan Channel Wattage
  24W x 2 + 15W x 4
  Temperature Range
  0 to 100 degree centigrade
  Measurement Frequency
  2 Seconds
  Temperature Alarm Range                                      
  25 to 90 degree centigrade                                   
  Minimum Power To Fans
  Screen Size
  5.25 Inches
  Screen Type
  Resistive Touch
  Fan Control Method



This model is WITHOUT Wifi function. a-100L,  a-100L(WR)   and  a-100L(B)  don’t have WIFI function, either.
Model WITH Wifi function please see a-100H or a-100H(B).









A: 5.25″ Super big touch screen
        Simple and clear but fashion display, players can be easily grasp    the computer’s cooling system.



B: Automatic and Manual mode
        Automatic mode according to the temperature sensor, automatically set the appropriat    fan speed, 
        a unified system control multiple fans. While the manual mode according    to the player preferences,
        adjust the individual fan speed, in order to obtain the    ideal temperature of the system.




C: Temperature monitoring display
        Players can monitor the temperature through the temperature sensor at any time, and    adjust the fan speed.
        In addition, you can adjust the required temperature monitoring    preset, if there is more than the player 
           preset    temperature,    there will be “beep” alarm.




D: Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit conversion
        Players can follow the preferences, touch the temperature symbol to convert degrees    Celsius or Fahrenheit.




E: Fan speed monitoring display
        Players can always grasp the speed of each group of fans, combined with temperature    display,
        adjust to the appropriate system temperature.




F: Independent fan channels
       Fan controller panel can support 6 groups of fans and has FAN1 – FAN6 independent    channels,
       which can be set individually. The highest channel output up to 24W,    can completely provide
       the power required for the chassis fans.





G: Temperature and Fan speed adjustment
        In manual mode, keep press the temperature, or FAN1, FAN2 … and FAN6 for about    3 seconds until
        the fan speed display flashing, and then use the plus or minus keys    to adjust the temperature and
        fan speed.





H: Screen hibernation
        Keep press “power” button for about 5 seconds, the screen into sleep. The temperature    and the fan groups
        keep working in the status of player’s seting.





5 (2)

I: Cables
      Six fan lines with connector, can connect both 3pin and 4pin fans. Six temperature    sensor lines,
      and a D-connector power line. All lines are longer than 600mm.



J: Package
       Including the host, manual, screen wipes, mounting screws.

6 (2)

6 (2)

K: Easy to install
        Too easy, when you put your CD-ROM drive removed from the chassis, you will understand    how to install.

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