PC CPU Water Cooling Flow Display Barrow SLF-RGB


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Use a high wear-resistant ceramic bearing assembly
Internal full color adjustable RGB lamp beads, through the manual controller or remote controller to achieve dynamic / static multi-color effects switch
Static: colorful monochrome cycle switching function (multi-brightness level adjustable)
Dynamic: colorful flashing cycle function
Colorful gradient function
Breathe light cycle function
(Dynamic effects are equipped with multi-file interval rhythm setting)
Control harness 2 are anti-plug connector
The controller uses a 12V input voltage and should not be mixed with other harnesses
The product is compatible with LRC full color RGB lighting control system, standard without controller, for the controller, please buy separately.
Water flow can bring the impeller rotation to achieve beautiful and intuitive visual effects
Flow meter 2-terminal fittings are G1 / 4 standard internal thread, compatible with all the same standard external thread connection
Translucent color impeller, light effect is more brilliant.
Material: brass / polycarbonate
Internal thread size: G1 / 4 (international common gauge)
Available colors: black / red / blue / green
Number of products: 1 PCS / only
Package included: water meter  1, cable  1
The product is compatible with LRC full-color RGB lighting control system, standard without controller, for controller please buy separately.




Picture inside the water lock only for display purposes, the product comes standard with no water lock.



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black, blue, green, red


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